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Welcome to the Mason Middle School website. The News & Notes section serves as a bulletin board to post activity notices in a timely fashion. In addition to this information, please visit our website links to the left for calendar events and other information.

New Immunization Rules
Required for students 11-18 years of age or are enrolled in 6th grade:
  •  One dose of MCU4 vaccine
  •  One dose of Tdap vaccine

Teacher Website Directory
Find out what homework your child has due, what project they may be working on, materials they should be reading, and more! Please check out our teachers’ self-created websites for their classrooms: Go to Mason Public Schools website, then to the Middle School page and click on the Staff Directory. Next to each of your child’s teacher’s name, you can then click on “website.” This will bring up each individual teacher’s website showing upcoming projects due, homework assignments, and more!

Honeywell Alert
In an effort to conserve paper costs, future MMS newsletter will be announced by e-mail and phone message via the Honeywell Alert System and distributed through email.

Late Bus
The late bus is available everyday except for on Wednesday for students who need to stay after school to work with their teacher(s).  Students must sign up with the teacher they are staying with by 12:30 p.m.  Students need to be out front of the Middle School by 3:15 p.m. There are three busses to take students to the elementary schools, where they will take a transfer bus to their usual stop.  For more information please call the Middle School at 676-6514.

Cell Phones
School rules prohibit the use of cell phones during school hours from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.  When cell phones are discovered during these hours, they will be confiscated and will require a parent or guardian to come into the school to retrieve them.  This is a change in policy from past years when we have allowed students to retrieve their cell phones after school.

Pupil Transportation Handbooks
For a copy of the district's Pupil Transportation Handbook, please click here.  If you have any questions regarding the content of this handbook, contact the Transportation Department at 676-6496.

When Accessing the Middle School Calendar - to find out more details of the event - you need to click on the underlined time. This will allow you to see where the event takes place and any other pertinent information about the event.

Student / Parent Compact

Parent Involvement Policy

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